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It's about time...

Hi everyone!

Thank you for making your way to my blog.

I'm hoping to populate this space with a number of stories, photos and hopefully videos that highlight my experience in Ghana thus far.

It's my first time in Ghana and I'm not here as a mere visitor, but to work.

Qualities that make my experience particularly peculiar:

-It's my first time in the country that my parents migrated from 25 years ago.

-It's my first time in sub-Saharan Africa.

-I speak the Akan (Twi dialect) language fluently. Thanks mommy.

-I'm meeting a number of family members, including my grandfather on my father's side and a bunch of my mom's siblings for the first time. A bit overwhelming.

-My first job out of undergrad is abroad. I accepted this position a month before graduation.

-It just so happens to be the Year of Return. Everything lit this December!

-I'm the first Princeton in Africa fellow to work at my organization, the first fellow in Ghana since 2017.

I'm looking forward to capturing as much as I can here. If you have any particular questions or suggestions for this blog, DM me on Instagram @yaabeverly or email me

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to get this up and running at long last. I've had this domain since November 2017, and 2 years later.. I'm launching the site 😅

Tata for now,


P.S. follow my Fwitter @wheresyourbev 😝

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